A Team of Highly Qualified Laboratory Scientists and Entrepreneurs

About Our Company


A passion for developing efficient processes to improve the productivity of early discovery labs led Laszlo Varady, Ph.D., to found Rilas
Technologies in 2009.

Unwavering Support of Medicinal Chemists

Rilas has created a series of focused, groundbreaking services whose sole purpose is to free medicinal chemists from routine work so that they can pursue scientific discovery.

The hallmarks of Rilas’ services are pragmatism, simplicity and contribution. With deep expertise, Rilas helps discovery labs improve productivity, utilization, costs and breakthroughs.

Unique Service Models

Rilas has identified several significant opportunities to support the mission and goals of the drug discovery lab.

  • Rilas In Sourcing™

    reduces inefficiencies of outsourcing by placing Rilas’ expert chemists on site, at the client’s bench top. Guaranteeing same-day results, Rilas also provides 100% utilization and efficiency.

  • Rilas Lab™

    provides fast and affordable chiral and achiral separations with a greater than 95% success rate. With analytical and preparative SFC and mass directed HPLC equipment, Rilas is capable of milligram to tens of grams scale separations.

  • Rilas Consulting™

    demonstrates the Rilas passion for creating scientific best practices. Rilas Consulting™ works with companies to develop a purchasing strategy, methodology and work-flow to maximize efficiency and productivity.


  • Laszlo Varady, Ph.D.

    Founder and CEO

  • Gordon Carlson, M.S.

    VP of Business Development

Our Clients

World-leading, international pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies currently benefit from Rilas’ services.

Since 2009, both mid and large-sized companies have increased their productivity with Rilas In Sourcing™ at internationally competitive rates. Rilas maintains its reputation for chiral and achiral separation, serving clients from all over the world who demand the highest quality and the most transparent services and communication. From Rilas’ 2,000 square-foot facility in Woburn, MA, Rilas chemists provide chiral and achiral separations from milligrams up to 50 grams scale along with reformatting and high throughput analytical services. Rilas’ customers have also demonstrated increased demand for Rilas Consulting™. Rilas respects the work of all of its clients and will provide references upon request.