A Team of Highly Qualified Laboratory Scientists and Entrepreneurs

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A passion for developing efficient processes to improve the productivity of early discovery labs led Laszlo Varady, Ph.D., to found Rilas Technologies in 2009.

Rilas has created a series of focused, groundbreaking services whose sole purpose is to free scientists from routine work and offer unparalleled purification and analytical services allowing more time dedicated to pursuing scientific discovery.

The hallmarks of Rilas’ services are pragmatism, simplicity and contribution. With deep expertise, Rilas helps discovery labs improve productivity, utilization, costs and breakthroughs.


Laszlo Varady, PhD

President & CEO

Gordon Carlson, M.S.

VP of Business Development

Julia Giessen

Director of Communications

Matthew Crawford, M.S.

Senior Scientist

Jacob Stupalski

Senior Scientist

Bona Poun

Associate Scientist

Nathaniel Jorgenson