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Since 2009, Rilas Technologies, Inc has provided customers with a trusted outsourcing partner specializing in analytical and preparatory purifications ranging from small molecules (chiral, achiral, physchem measurements) to biomolecules (antibodies, ADCs, oligonucleotides, and peptides and proteins). The decades of experience our purification scientists have combined with our focus on customer success and on-shore location in Massachusetts enables our customers to have fast turnaround times with accurate and reproducible data. Additional services Rilas provides includes the Rilas Incubator (fully equipped lab space with on-site expertise) as well as consulting to help customers establish purification capabilities within their own labs.



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The Rilas Incubator is an ideal space for biotech companies looking to get their research and development underway as quickly and efficiently as possible by combining the traditional incubator model with the unique analytical and purification capabilities that Rilas has perfected over the decades, ultimately resulting in in an optimized workflow and enabling biotechs to achieve results faster.

Rilas Technologies Benefits:

  • More time for chemists to work on scientific discovery
  • Removal of the purification bottleneck
  • Rapid purification (receive samples back in days)
  • Simple, straightforward ordering and submitting process
  • Process that can seamlessly integrate into a customer’s workflow
  • Customer Success driven business model
  • Receive purified compounds back in format ready for registering and biological screening

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About Rilas Technologies

Rilas Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2009 to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for pharmaceutical chemists facing analytical and purification challenges. At our Woburn, MA laboratory, our state of the art analytical and preparative SFC, mass directed HPLC equipment and biomolecule separation instrumentation allows us to provide the highest quality purification and analysis of samples for our customers. Rilas Technologies also has insourcing and consulting options for our customers that have internal purification needs as well as an incubator space for start ups to grow their research.


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